Spring Thunder Interactive Childrens Book about Hunting

Follow Drake and his dad on a gobbling, yelping, exciting turkey hunt! Drake learns about different calls and the noise they make and how to bring the big tom in!

An Exciting Interactive Children’s Book for Hunters!


Trick or Treat - An interactive childrens book about hunting deer

Rattle, snort, grunt and wheeze! Drake learns how to hunt deer in this exciting interactive book for kids. Drake and his dad hit the woods with bow in tow to hunt the big bucks!

Drake’s Exciting Deer Hunting Adventure with Sound!


Cattail Point Interactive childrens book about duck hunting

Drake, his sister Cricket and trusty dog Gunner go with Dad on an exciting duck hunt! Follow along with sounds of ducks, whistles and so much more as the kids take to the marsh!

Follow Dad, Drake, Cricket and Gunner on their big Duck Hunt!

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Introduce your children to Drake’s Adventures, an interactive children’s book series.

Drake’s Adventures interactive book series is our way of teaching children the honor and tradition of the great hunting sports. Each year millions of young children are left out of shooting sports until it’s too late to get them involved. The Drake’s Adventure children’s book series demonstrates to kids the importance of sharing our great outdoors heritage with their parents, brothers, grand parents, and friends.