Keith Beam is writing books for kids.  With Spring Thunder debuting this past January, Keith Beam and his partner Steve Karras prepare to launch the second book in the Drake’s Adventure series, Trick or Treat.  Known for his neck snapping backflip failure in the good ole Double Bull days, Keith continues to pursue his newest dream by getting youngsters involved with the hunting community.

Keith Beam

Drake’s Adventures – Spring Thunder

Drake’s Adventures – Trick or Treat

Keith Beam shares a deer hunt for kids with all the sounds of the woods included.  Magic is pulled from the hat as Drake and his father call a great whitetail deer into slam dunk bow range.  Beamer has been hunting over deer decoys from ground blinds since the inception of Double Bull, and this hunt is told from truth and experience.

About the Author, Keith Beam

Keith Beam and Brooks Johnson co-founded the revolutionary hub blind style market and it’s the sharing with the young ones that create and secure our future.  Trick or Treat lands in July and will be a sure fire hit among parents, grandparents, nieces, and nephews in the hunting world.  Get your kids interested.  Read them a Drake’s Adventure interactive children’s book.

Wheres Keith Beam?

Wheres Keith Beam?

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