Endorsements and Reviews for Drake’s Adventures Interactive Books for Children

This interactive book series is our way of teaching our children the honor and tradition of our great hunting sports. Each year millions of young children are left out of shooting sports until it’s too late to get them involved. The Drake’s Adventure series demonstrates to children the importance of sharing our great outdoors heritage with their parents, brothers, grand parents, and friends.

​Reading to children sparks interest and builds life long bonds. Passing on the heritage of hunting and fishing in this beautifully illustrated children’s sound book series will have them becoming our next generation of sportsmen and women. Watch, Learn, and Listen as each tale is told through this little hunters eyes. As a big kid in the outdoors, Keith Beam brings all of his wildlife tales directly into pages of this book series. If we want the hunting and fishing sports to grow, we have to get children involved.

We put our money where our mouths are…………

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Drake’s Adventures: 2015 ATA Best Of Show

By Randy Hynes

365 Whitetail

Drake’s Adventures deserves some kind of recognition from the Archery Trade Association for possessing the most forethought and presenting the most innovative product at the 2015 ATA show.

While most manufacturers at the 2015 ATA Show developed and displayed products focused around the existing hunter—Drake’s Adventures set out to recruit ‘new’ hunters. It’s no secret that hunter recruitment is serious issue, especially among youth. Video games, shopping malls and electronic devices lure more young people than hunting ever will. Research has shown for some time that in spite of the growth in bowhunting, archery and outdoor recreation, we are not retaining as many hunters as we are losing. This issue cannot be ignored.

Drake’s Adventures Children’s Sound Books Designed to Engage Youngsters in the Outdoors

Press Release

Outdoor Wire

It is widely accepted that reading to children is the best way to prepare them for learning. Reading enhances child/parent bonding, knowledge, vocabulary, comprehension, concentration, etc. Furthermore, involvement heightens interest. This is why author, Keith Beam and illustrator, Steve Karras, have developed a series of children’s sound books called Drake’s Adventures. By reading Drake’s Adventures books to your kids, and letting them participate by pushing the sound buttons, you are triggering engagement and learning.

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