Keith Beam

Co-founder of the famous ground blind company, Double Bull Archery, Keith brings you the Drake’s Adventures series. Growing up in Illinois, Keith was fortunate enough to have a father and two older brothers that shared with him a love and respect for the great outdoors. He’s been passing that tradition on to his two children since they were old enough to stay quiet.

Keith’s creativity, woodsmanship, and hunting prowess come together here in his desire to keep our hunting sports and outdoor lifestyle alive and well. With the help of illustrator, bow hunter, and fellow outdoorsman, Steve Karras, this commitment comes to life on every page.

The Drake’s Adventures series is dedicated to all who share the same passion for the hunting lifestyle, the outdoors, and who desire to pass these values on to future generations.

Steve Karras

An accomplished illustrator and fine artist, Steve was born and raised in Queens, New York. He studied art at Manhattan’s High School of Art & Design and Parson’s School of Design.

A lover of the outdoors from childhood, Steve didn’t discover his passion for hunting until later in life, when he relocated to Oregon in 1999. He quickly fell in love with archery and bowhunting, and credits that love to some very close, dear friends who shared with him their lifetime knowledge of pursuing big & small game.

Steve’s love for the hunting & outdoors lifestyle is what brought him together with Keith, to partner with him on his quest to keep our hunting sports and outdoor lifestyle flourishing. Drake’s Adventures is their means toward that goal of getting children involved in this great heritage.

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