Keith Beam

That’s Going to Leave a Mark – $7.99 at Amazon

With broken bones and plenty of scars, author and outdoor adventure enthusiast Keith Beam reminisces his glory days in That’s Going to Leave a Mark, a funny collection of twenty anecdotal vignettes noting a few of his major spills, falls, and follies. While television and videos have captured the past fifteen years of Beam’s life, he’s here to say that he’s in the running for “The World’s Most Accident Prone Man” and he’s been working his whole life for the title. In twenty knock down, drag-out, chapters like “Tundra Slide,” “Four-wheel Drive,” “Ninja Back-flip,” and “Barefoot Skiing,” Beam never misses a beat-or a beating. With seventeen broken bones, twelve surgeries, a skull fracture, and hundreds of stitches to prove he’s a contender-and absolutely nuts-readers will commiserate and laugh!

Keith Beam, Author

Keith Beam really knows how not to live! Buy now on Amazon.

Keith Beam is a renowned American bow-hunting aficionado as well as a businessman. He is a regular contributor to numerous hunting magazines and outdoor television shows. Beam lives with his family in New Glarus, Wisconsin. That’s Going to Leave a Mark is his first book.